When the relationship with yourself is in harmony magic happens.

Relationship Wizardry® executive coaching

For success focused executives; focused on getting you your results FAST!

This is the program for you if:

  • You've the success you have always wanted but you also sense that something’s missing
  • You want even more success and greater happiness
  • You don’t feel in complete control because
  • You feel demotivated, you're going around in circles, you can't see a clear way forward; basically you've lost your mojo
  • Poor or unhappy relationships at home are affecting your ability to function effectively at work
  • Frustrations and long hours at work are making you and your family miserable
  • You need solutions quickly
Are you so busy just coping with life that you've forgotten how to live it?

People often forget that even leaders in their field can experience doubts and misgivings that are normal to the human condition. A poll by a recruitment firm found that 7 out of 10 managers in Britain felt trapped in their jobs. Common problems among CEOs are a lack of personal confidence and a sense of loneliness.  Some of the reasons for this sense of ill ease can be:

  • You've lost sight of who you are and what you want
  • You experience a conflict of values
  • You're caught in a comfort trap
  • FEAR of the unknown, be it success, failure or something else

The basic tenet of Relationship Wizardry® executive coaching is that your success and happiness begins with the relationship you have with yourself

Relationship Wizardry® executive coaching creates a space for you to examine and address goals, emotions and thoughts in a relaxed, supported and non-judgemental environment. This exploration allows you to discover the cause, usually hidden, that's creating problems or barriers to your feeling worthy and stopping you from finding the fulfilment and happiness you want and deserve. Once the cause is brought into your conscious awareness, you're able to see ways to release the negative energy that was holding the problem in place so you can move forward with a clear vision and light heart.

Romilla, as your coach, is the catalyst who can help you:

  • Identify and clarify the results you want
  • Recognise what you need to reach your goals
  • Design the life for which you want to be remembered

Relationship Wizardry® executive coaching - because significance is more important than plain achievement

Please contact Romilla to find out more.

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