When the relationship with yourself is in harmony magic happens.

About Talks and Workshops

Relationship Wizardry® is a modular training and development programme which enables you to build strong, durable, results and profit focused business relationships and...you can apply the learning to make your personal relationships fulfilling and joyful, too.

Relationships are the common denominator in any interaction. They affect:

  • Your mood - giving you a lift or dragging you down 
  • Your personal resilience - you can bounce back from life's setbacks more easily and quickly when you have strong relationships to support you
  • Sales - strong relationships mean people are more inclined to buy your products and services without the need to force them through a long drawn out sales process
  • The influence you wield - affects the impact you can make
  • The impact you can make - affects your bottom line and that of your customers

You can experience Relationship Wizardry®, the brainchild of best-selling author, Romilla Ready, as talks, public workshops or a bespoke training programme. The methodology behind Relationship Wizardry® is common to all three. Each has a very practical approach and offers concrete tools and techniques that will change your thinking and help you take greater control of your life. You will continue to experience the effects long after you’ve attended the talk, workshop or training programme.


If you’re a time pauper, you can attend bite sized talks of approximately 45 minutes. These are great for adding value to networking events or for the ‘Learning over Lunch’ format.

Public Workshops

If you want to invest more time in your personal development, you can attend 2 hour public workshops.  An added bonus for you is the time and opportunity to network with like-minded people and add them to your list of useful business contacts.

Bespoke Training Programme

Romilla also offers a bespoke programme of training modules which can be interspered with coaching. This option is designed and delivered to your exact organisational needs.

You will find the workshops invaluable, especially, if you want the time and opportunity to put newly learned knowledge and skills into immediate practice by using it to examine and address your individual challenges.

Benefits of Relationship Wizardry® talks and workshops

  • Individuals experience greater knowledge retention, enhanced personal resilience and increased ability to influence
  • Organisations gain from having their people know how to communicate more clearly and effectively so they can resolve common business issues more easily; issues such as poor team cohesion, missed deadlines and damaged customer relations, all of which adversely affect the success of organisations

Simply put, when a group of people learns and applies Relationship Wizardry® within an organisation, increased staff motivation and employee engagement ensure an improved bottom line.  

To find out more, call 01494 873880 and ask for Jill Dearlove or Email Jill or Romilla.

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