When the relationship with yourself is in harmony magic happens.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business

gives business leaders, aspiring business professionals or entrepreneurs a fresh and innovative approach to pre-empt factors which can de-rail attempts at business and personal success.

The primary goal of any business is increased profit through growth

The success of an organisation is built on the individual success of its people

Employee and stakeholder motivation and engagement is the key to a strong bottom line

There are several elements that can get in the way of achieving your personal and business goals, the majority of which are the result of the way people think and behave. The actions of individuals have far reaching consequences for the people with whom and the organisations in which they work.

Individual thinking and behaviour

High stress levels

Burn out

Weak or fearful leadership

Low motivation

Poor productivity

Lack of personal resilience

Low morale


Groups which 

Poor or no team cohesion

Lack of employee engagement

High employee churn

Poor customer service

Lack of common purpose

Missed deadlines

Build up negativity


The Organisation

Lost revenue

Dissatisfied clients

Business lost to competitors

Damaged or bad reputation

Unhappy shareholders

High operating costs



Pre-empt major factors which can derail your business goals

For real success in the turbulent times of the 21st century, businesses need to:

  • Ensure they understand the science of influence and motivation
  • Find new ways of working
  • Go beyond the accepted paradigms
  • Think more creatively
  • Be bolder and more adventurous in staying ahead of their competition
  • Adopt toolsets that are fresh and innovative
  • Empower individuals so they can think for themselves, use their initiative and take personal responsibility

Stay consistently on track with your business goals

Past innovations are no longer enough

Companies are always looking for and adopting new ways to improve their bottom line.

Innovations such as employing management consultants and processes such as Just-in-Time management, TQM, Six Sigma worked well in the past and allowed companies to grow and expand in the 20th Century. These are now common practice and have levelled the playing field for businesses to flourish.

THE business tool-set to help companies thrive, not just survive in tumultuous times

So what can help you attain your business goals easily and consistently?

'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business’ gives you a toolset, as yet, unknown to most in the business world which shows you how to:

  • Deal with emotions; your own and those of people around you
  • Sky rocket your influence
  • Connect powerfully with your colleagues, friends and family
  • Give yourself the freedom that comes from taking total personal responsibility
  • Give yourself that 'edge'
  • Increase your personal impact, your personal influence and so build your personal power 
  • Create the results you want more easily and quickly

Do you want to thrive in difficult times by increasing your productivity, influence and profits? 

To find out more about 'Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business' contact Romilla

‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business’ comes under the umbrella of Relationship Wizardry®.

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