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Beyond Distress™

Making stress work for you

Stress is one of the most debilitating scourges of modern life. It stops you from thinking clearly and being your normal, resourceful self. You end up caught in a downward spiral of feelings of stress and hopelessness because you can’t see a way of breaking out of the trap.

In this talk Romilla shows you that emotional discomfort - distress - has a structure and that you can break the patterns that cause you stress.

But... not all stress is bad! 'Eustress' is what motivates you, improves your productivity and overall performance and gives you a feeling of fulfilment. And it, too, has a pattern.

Just imagine how much better you'll feel when you have the ability to take control of stressful situations and difficult people, instead of letting them control you.

This talk:

  • Reveals the structure of stress
  • Gives you some highly effective coping tools that help you to break the negative pattern of distress
  • Understand some reasons why you experience stress the way you
  • Introduces you to how you can use stress to achieve your desired results

 If you want to make stress work for you, call 01494 873880 now and ask for Jill Dearlove or Email: Jill

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