When the relationship with yourself is in harmony magic happens.

How to create and achieve compelling, meaningful and fulfilling goals  - ‘Goal Getting with Relationship Wizardry®

Research on setting and achieving goals shows that goals:

  • Make the difference between mediocrity and success
  • Are an essential part of your accomplishments
  • Give you a sense of purpose
  • Give you a focus so you aren't seduced by the next ‘shiny new toy', person, job, thing or idea

Discover a sure-fire formula to create goals

Barriers that stop you from reaching your goals:

  • Lack of clarity
  • Ineffective processes
  • Not understanding what motivates you
  • Unconscious beliefs that stop you
  • Distractions
  • Fear
  • Feel undeserving

Understand and release barriers that could be holding you back

‘Goal Getting with Relationship Wizardry®' gives you powerful techniques to:

  • Design compelling goals
  • Manage your goals
  • Identify and focus on what you want
  • Uncover hidden fears and beliefs holding you back and overcome them
  • Discover what motivates you
  • Engage your emotions and use all your faculties to keep you engaged in achieving your aims 24/7
  • Goals tailored made to work for you

Design, create and achieve compelling goals for success

What makes ‘Goal Getting with Relationship Wizardry®’ unique?

  • A powerful blend of modern science of mind and emotions and ancient wisdom from Hawaii
  • Uses your own psychological makeup for you to create compelling goals and stay motivated and on track
  • Shows you how to work with energy and what energises you or what saps your energy
  • Designed to give you balance and harmony by blending your personal goals with your work goals
  • You can apply this turnkey process repeatedly to set and meet new challenges 
  • Extensive practical exercises ensure you embed the learning into your muscle memory
  • A deeper understanding of how you perceive success and failure
Create greater balance, harmony and success in your life

How is the workshop structured?

'Goal Getting with Relationship Wizardry®' is a two day workshop delivered by Romilla. The content is modular and highly experiential. It means you will be introduced to the theory behind the tools and processes in short ‘lecturettes’, with most of the time spent in discussions and working on your specific goal. You develop not one but TWO plans crafted for you and by you - a linear road map that works with your conscious mind and a ‘Multi-sensory VAK Plan', which works at a conscious and subconscious level.

Be introduced to some fun, exotic and proven ideas

unique to

Goal Getting with Relationship Wizardry®


Added Bonus

Romilla will share how she used 'Goal Getting with Relationship Wizardry®' to actualise her brainchild, the international bestselling Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies®; how she dealt with rejection and how she fine-tuned the process to give a fool proof system for creating and achieving compelling, meaningful and fulfilling goals repeatedly.


To find out more about 'Goal Getting with Relationship Wizardry®' contact Romilla

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