Romilla Ready is an international best-selling author. She is also a trainer and speaker whose natural empathy with people from all walks of life gives her a unique understanding of their motivations and emotions.

Her insights and communication skills are highlighted in two very successful books which delivered a better understanding of emotional change and managing people to working professionals.

‘NLP for Dummies®’ has been translated into 12 languages.
The NLP for Dummies® books have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide.

Romilla is the creator and architect of Relationship Wizardry®, her own brand of training and coaching. It evolved from the realisation that the common denominator in any interaction, be it one that causes distress or one that gives pleasure, is people and the way they think and communicate. Relationship Wizardry® is a powerful set of tools and methodologies that blend the science of the mind and emotions with ancient wisdom from Hawai’i.

‘Applied NLP for Profitable Business Results’, Romilla’s training programme, is based on the ‘NLP Workbook for Dummies®

Romilla develops and leads practical, interactive workshops designed to put NLP and Relationship Wizardry® to effective daily use in people’s business and personal lives. Her guidance has enabled her clients to:

  • Use stress to their advantage
  • Motivate themselves and others
  • Gain a deeper understanding of others but most crucially, themselves
  • Boost their personal resilience so they thrive in difficult times instead of succumbing to the daily grind of negativity
  • Achieve what they want with greater ease
  • Increase their influence by communicating more effectively

Romilla, a Master Practitioner of NLP set up Ready Solutions in 1996. She has worked for multi-national companies in the UK, Germany, Holland and Nigeria.

Romilla is currently involved in:

  • Researching and writing further books and eBooks