Beyond Distress

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How to stop stressing and start using stress to your advantage

I’m guessing you’ve come to this page because you’re feeling stressed

  • Do you feel your emotions are all over the place?
  • Are you walking around full of anger, despair or hopelessness?
  • Do you snap at everyone or find yourself edging towards road rage when you’re behind the wheel?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, unable to think clearly and decision making is difficult?
  • Are you feeling alone, lonely, unloved and unsupported?
  • Do you find yourself judging people more harshly than you did?
  • Are compassion, kindness and tolerance for others but especially yourself in short supply in your life?

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When that dreaded stress gets in your way your life can go to pot or grind to a halt and all you can do is lurch from one crisis to the next

That’s because stress:

  • Narrows your focus so you can only think about and see the problems and the people or circumstances you believe are causing your issues
  • Makes it difficult to manage your emotions
  • Stops you seeing opportunities and solutions
  • Suppresses your creativity and reduces your productivity
  • Saps your energy, making you feel exhausted and unable to bounce back
  • Can bring out your impostor syndrome monster big time
  • Makes you feel you are running out of time, insecure and scared of the future

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  • You have more fun, laugh more, feel lighter and happier
  • Life is easier
  • You are kinder, more forgiving and willing to see someone else’s point of view
  • You are much more effective at work, rest, and play
  • You have more self belief and feel more capable, positive and confident
  • People are drawn to you and want to buy into you and your ideas, your products, and your services


HAPPINESS and SUCCESS come more easily


So how do you move Beyond Distress and discover how to Stop Stressing and Start Using Stress to Your Advantage?

I have built an online program, “Beyond Distress”, precisely, with this in mind – to help you overcome stress and, instead, use it positively to create the results you want more quickly and easily. I use tried and tested tools and techniques based on years of learning, knowledge and experience for radically reducing stress levels.

By joining the Beyond Distress program, you give yourself the gift of: 

  • Taking control of your emotions
  • Relaxing more deeply
  • Motivating yourself
  • Stop creating stress in yourself and in others
  • Understanding and changing your thinking and behaviour
  • Learning to get out of your own way
  • Give yourself the gift of working in Flow
  • Learning to say NO

Actively use stress to your advantage and give yourself an edge

The online program has two components
• Multi-media material relating to each module
• A 45-minute live webinar, with me, Romilla Ready.

If you can’t attend live, a recording will be made available to you

An added benefit of attending my Beyond Distress online program is:

I share the techniques from NLP and ancient wisdom from Hawaii which I have used in my life to reduce my own stress dramatically as well as to visualise and create my brainchild, the international, bestselling book – “NLP for Dummies®”.

This means:

  • You will have readymade examples for you to adapt and use in your own life
  • Stress isn’t the only facet of your life where you can use what you learn in the Beyond Distress program

Some examples:

You can start to discover how to:

  • Create an environment which makes people want to buy from you, so you increase your sales
  • Reduce conflict in your private life and the workplace
  • Create powerful presentations
  • Be a more effective coach

What if you attend the Beyond Distress online course?

 Just imagine:

  • How different your life is, knowing you are no longer a slave to the stresses of a busy life
  • You are smiling to yourself as you acknowledge how far you have come on your journey from distress to knowing you are in control, confident and looking forward to each day
  • How much your resilience, productivity and creativity have increased
  • How much lighter you feel, without the burden of all that worry and stress weighing you downYour personal and professional relationships are harmonious, rewarding and fulfilling
  • What it feels like to have the energy you used to procrastinate and avoid action is released to flood through you and you feel totally energised
  • Now what can you dare to aspire to, what can you achieve, what dreams and aspirations can you realise?

If you want to move Beyond Distress and Discover how to Stop Stressing and Start Using Stress to Your Advantage

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“Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workbook For Dummies®”

The knowledge enabled me to create my brainchild, NLP for Dummies®”. This, as well as, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workbook For Dummies®” came about because I love learning but also sharing knowledge and experiences that have worked for me and by that I mean empowered me, raised my awareness and allowed me to make positive changes in my life.

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